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VST Organics is a small business with large goals and aspirations.  Owner and founder, Lisa Atti is a molecular biologist with extensive knowledge and training in natural therapies, which include, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, nutrition, natural product formulating, and energy healing.  


Where The Journey began...

Several years ago Lisa's journey began, when she enrolled in her first natural health and wellness course.  Taking classes and studying holistic nutrition, herbalism, energy medicine, homeopathy, and aromatherapy.  


This led to her awarness of all the toxic chemicals in our cleaning products, food, and personal care items we are  exposed to and injesting everyday, and the importance of  seeking natural alternatives  for her and her families health and well being.  


When her son was born, she discovered he suffered from eczema.  Knowing she didn't want to use all those chemical laden creams that her son's pediatrician recommended, she knew it was time to put her herbal studies into practice.   She infused her own herbal oils and made an herbal salve to help her son's eczema.   The results were nothing short of amazing, and that ignited her passion to learn even more.







The organic industry bloomed, bring forth the availability of thousands of organic personal care products at our fingertips..   What could be better?  Well, to Lisa's suprise, she discovered that even the organic products she was buying and thought were completely safe, contained harmful preservatives, and other nasty additives that weren't safe at almost any amount.


This discovery led Lisa to become an avid label reader, on her quest to find products that didn't contain toxic chemicals.  Feeling frustrated  about the lack of choices, she realized if she wanted to have truly clean and non-toxic products, she would have to do it herself.  



A quest for truth...

A Natural Progession...

Lisa began what turned into a 5 year progression, from researching hundreds of product ingredients, all natural preservative alternatives, to taking numerous classes on natural product making, formulation, and aromatherapy.


She gradually perfected her passion of mixing, formulating, and harmonizing natural organic ingredients.  And so,VST Organics was founded to provide a clean, natural, non-toxic skin care experience, using natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients.


Like plants, we are always growing, so keep checking back to see what's new with us.  


We are dedicated to providing you with the finest, natural products that will benefit your body, mind and spirit for years to come.