Lisa Atti







Created by a molecular biologist, VST (Vibrational Soul &

Skin Therapy) is a skin care system made with love and high vibrational ingredients formulated to care for the skin, our largest living organ, holistically.  To achieve this perfect balance we incorporate the life force energies of  phytonutrients from various plants, living flower essences, gemstone elixirs, and pure essential oils, to hydrate, smooth, soften, protect, and improve the overall health of the skin, while rejuvenating, balancing, and harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.


These high frequency ingredients are immediately absorbed and permeate on a cellular level to enhance the way the skin functions internally and externally, while simultaneously addressing the psychology of the cells, creating homeostasis to one's being and resulting in vibrant healthy skin.


We synergistcally combine the finest of natural and organic bioactive ingredients full of vitamins, and minerals, resulting in a unique plant based product, rich in life and vitality.


Our products are uniquely formulated using our own recipes, and handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.



We are energy beings, and everything in the

 universe is energy.  


Albert Einstein used the laws of physics to demonstrate

the same thing.  


He scientifically proved that every object, every being, every color, every emotion has a vibration, even our thoughts and words.  Each molecule of everything on this planet exhibits a unique measurable vibrational energy.  


Kirlian electrophotography is one way of measuring and seeing life-force energy radiating from a living organism or material.  The more alive the subject is the greater will be it's visible vibrational energy field, and it's capability to affect other life beneficially.  


It also shows that when energy fields of two living organisms or material come into contact, they resonate with one another.  Each absorbs energy from the other.  In otherwords, life affects life in subtle, often unseen ways.


For example, energetic signals are continuously emitted and received among people.  If you walk into a room where two people are not getting along, you can feel the tension in the air.  Another example, if you hang around a negative person, you will begin to feel the effects of their negative energy.


Just the same, as living human beings come into contact with an inanimate substance such as, food or skincare products containing a high vibrational energy, we will resonate with that frequency, and absorb and utilize it's regenerating and healing capabilities.


Gemstone elixirs work on more of a physical level, and are grounding since they are from the earth.  They send out frequencies of energy attracting back more of the same energy (Law of Attraction), while at the same time clearing

out non-beneficial energies, therefore, increasing your overall vibration.


Flower essences work on more of an emotional level, helping to change attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.  They help one see with different eyes, what emotions underlie a physical aliment.  


Essential oils work on all levels; mind, body, spirit.  They are universal balancers in that they have a range of energetic actions that can help to restore a range of imbalances.