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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your products certified organic?  


We use Certified Organic Ingredients in most of our product formulations. We are a small company with extremely high ecological standards. VST Organics was founded on a commitment of purity and excellence. Certifications are very expensive and need to be purchased for each product. Because we are a smaller enterprise, we choose to spend our money on the best organic ingredients rather than on a certificate. If an ingredient is listed as Organic, it is Certified Organic by our suppliers.



What is the shelf life of your products?


Shelf life varies from product to product. Our water based products have an average shelf life of 1year, depending on the product. Oil-based products will remain beneficial for up to 2.5 years or longer depending on the formulation. The shelf life of our chakra oils and perfumes is indefinite and they will actually improve with age.  VST Organics products are made fresh, from pure, natural and organic ingredients. Our products are meant to be enjoyed! Use them now rather than store them in the closet for later use. For maximum benefit from the vital nutrients in our products the fresher the better!



Do you ship outside of the US?


No, we are unable to ship outside of the continential US at this time.



When will my order ship?


We ship most orders within a couple of days. Since we are a small, artisan-run company sometimes there can be a slight delay we often make fresh product specifically for your order. Your account will be updated when your order ships and you will receive an email with the tracking info.



What shipping methods do you use?


We currently ship through the US postal service.




Do you have samples?


We have limited samples available for purchase located in the drop down shopping menu for each individual item. If you do not see the sample you are interested in, it is not available at this time. We send samples with your orders when we have them available.



I have noticed sometimes products like your body scrubs, toners, and bath salts vary in color. Why?


Organic botanicals, natural clays and solar dried mineral salts have natural variations depending on location and season of harvest. We do not use any synthetic colors, so the natural variations show through. VST Organics celebrates these unique, natural fluctuations as a gift from the Earth.



Why glass? Why Amber?


Glass protects the integrity of our nutrient rich-products the best. Exposure to light and heat lessens the shelf life, so we use Amber glass to help protect the vital plant nutrients in our formulas. We do use some plastic containers for products like our body scrubs because safety in the bath or shower mandates.