• Moroccan Cleansing Oil $22.00

    Cleansing, nourishing, regenerative, and protective for all skin types.

    It may sound counter-intuitive, but the fact is, oil dissolves oil. So as pores become clogged throughout the day with oil, dirt, makeup, bacteria, and dead skin cells, the oil cleanser is used to dissolve the impurities and flush out the pores without stripping the skin.

    Our cleansing oil is formulated with a blend of jojoba and argan oils to quickly absorb carrying active phyto-nutrients deep into the dermal layers of the skin, olive and apricot oils to loosen built up sebum, dirt, & grime, and detoxifying castor seed oil to attract dirt and toxins from your pores like a magnet helping to carry them away.

    Our cleansing oil is designed for use once daily during your evening cleanse.

    To use:

    Take your time, relax, and enjoy the pampering, you deserve to take a few minutes to yourself

    - First remove all eye makeup using our Nourishing Eye Makeup Remover

    - Then Apply 2 - 3 pumps of cleansing oil into your dry palm

    - Massage onto dry face and neck using upward strokes

    - Apply a hot (NOT SCALDING) washcloth to your face and Let the cloth set on your face, steaming the oil, dirt, make-up & grime out of your pores

    - Let washcloth cool then wipe the oil from your face. Rinse out cloth and repeat

    - Follow with one of our Antioxidant + Oil Serums for an ultimate night time renewal treatment

    Made With:

    Organic Olive Oil, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Apricot Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E Oil, Organic Calendula CO2 Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Blend of Organic essential oils, Love & Light.

    Contains mini crystal gemstones of Fluorite and Amethyst




Lisa Atti




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